My aim as an artist is to interpret movement and to capture in a totally spontaneous way the interaction between people. I have developed a minimalist approach which I can only achieve when working from life. Instead of working in sketchbooks I now travel with loose sheets of paper, pastels/charcoal and a board and work directly from life usually finishing the work in one visit.

My sculpture and monoprint work are also concerned with movement often of animals in a group. I like to create a ‘flow’ or ‘surge’ where nothing is static. Distorting body shapes enables me to create dynamic work with a sense of the grotesque.

I have recently spent a week in Lexington USA courtesy of the Cross Gate gallery where I drew the Kentucky Derby as well as behind the scenes, including the stables observing the care and preparation of the thoroughbred race horses.

As well as exhibiting work at the Cross Gate gallery I have also had work selected and hung for fours years consecutively at the pastel society show at the Mall galleries. I have had several successful shows at the Mine gallery in Carshalton and have won best sculpted piece for two years in a row at the London potters annual show.


I am a member of both the Croydon and Chelsea art Societies.