Abel works in a diverse way both in terms of subject matter but also medium.

The two mediums which work well together when displayed are the sculpture and monoprinting. They often share themes and are usually of animals or people.

Abel sometimes distorts the body shapes of his sculptures, (in particular) as he feels this gives them a sense of both the grotesque as well as the heroic! He also enjoys portraying groups of figures/animals toiling in some way….pulling, pushing or running in one direction!

His most recent work is concerned with line and colour and is almost exclusively portrayed through the medium of pastel.

He works from life either from the model, or attending events like the Epsom horse racing, zippos circus, (Beddington park) or even just local pubs making rapid drawings of people.

He is as much interested in the audience itself as he is the event, trying to capture the posture, expression, and response of the crowd.

Abel has had work selected and hung at the pastel society at the London Mall Galleries for the last three years. He currently has work at the ‘Cross Gate gallery’ in Lexington USA.

He is a member of the London Potters and the Croydon Arts Society.


Pastel Journal

Abel featured in an 8 page, center spread piece by Ken Gofton in the February 2017 edition.

Pastel Journal is the top art magazine devoted to the art of painting in pastel with each issue featuring pastel painting tips, featured works and interviews with international pastel artists.